While many companies claim they were in the AFO business long before the Richie Brace®, practitioners may ask what are the advantages of ordering the authentic product compared to a discounted brace which looks very similar. Here are the critical comparisons:


The Richie Brace® is the original podiatric ankle-foot orthosis which incorporated a balanced functional foot orthotic with an articulated leg support system. The efficacy of this design has been validated by a track record of successful treatment of over 100,000 patients during a 10 year period after the Richie Brace® was introduced into the medical marketplace. While many, including Langer claim they were in the AFO business long before the Richie Brace, none offered the unique design of the Richie Brace until we arrived in 1996.

The technology of cast correction which blended podiatric biomechanical techniques with previous established AFO fabrication techniques practiced by the O & P industry was a formidable challenge when the Richie Brace® was developed. The current protocols of cast correction and brace fabrication are the result of a steep learning curve and years of modification which has given the Richie Brace a substantial advantage over all competitors. After thousands of prescriptions and feedback from our practitioners, the cast correction and fabrication process has been refined to provide a product which has an incredible track record of accurate fit, exceptional comfort and powerful positive treatment effects.

Accurate fit and comfort of the Richie Brace® assures a positive patient outcome. While our competitors have tried to take shortcuts with cast modifications and library approaches to mass production of imitations of the Richie Brace®, none adhere to our process of hand corrected casts which balance foot deformities according to well established podiatric principles. This art form can only be practiced on a reliable basis by a podiatric lab with technology to follow Root principles of foot orthosis fabrication. The Richie Brace® is fabricated in a laboratory which has manufactured hundreds of thousands of custom foot orthoses for more than 40 years. None of our competitors can make this claim.

The validation of these claims is the fact that hundreds of our customers have tried other vendors who sold a "cheaper" knock off of the Richie Brace® only to learn that the product did not fit, did not control the deformity and did not lead to a positive patient outcome. 

These practitioners learned that the perceived cost savings of the imitation product did not outweigh the lost revenue from free office visits to adjust the fit and comfort of the inferior product. We have welcomed back many doctors who learned this lesson when trying out imitation products.


  • First podiatric custom foot orthosis 
  • Pioneered original learning curve for best custom cast correction 
  • Only hand corrected AFO which intrinsically balances foot deformities. No library system, no pre-fab footplates 
  • Over 100,000 positive patient outcomes with the Richie Brace


  • The Richie Brace® distribution partnership offers a level of client support which no other competitor can match in terms of education, consultation and on the spot contact. 
  • With the broadest patient experience with custom AFO treatment, the Richie Brace has a proven track record and reliable performance for specific pathologies which our client support team can share with our clinician clients. 
  • All Richie Brace distributors have been trained to provide answers to specific questions about clinical indications, casting criteria, prescription writing, coding and reimbursement for all of our custom and non-custom ankle-foot orthoses. 
  • In addition, Dr. Doug Richie, founder and expert in ankle foot orthotic therapy is available to any client on a daily basis to provide one-on-one consultation.

  • A vast array of educational materials are available on the Richie Brace® website, including lecture handoutsscientific articles, Casting videos and patient treatment guides

  • Clients can request copies of the new Richie Brace Casting DVD, as well as the new catalog and numerous product information sheets. In addition, all Richie Brace distributors can provide detailed information for coding and billing all of the Richie Brace® line of products. 


  • Proven clinical indications for every model of Richie Brace® products which can be shared with our clients in a quick, easy format 

  • Experienced, trained client personnel who can answer full scope of questions about AFO therapy 

  • Daily access to Dr. Doug Richie for free clinical consultation 

  • Vast library of print and video materials for clinical training as well as coding and reimbursement guidelines


Although many inferior imitations of the Richie Brace have been introduced to the market, none have duplicated the unique design and features of the original product

  • The Richie Brace has a patented Arch Suspender option for powerful correction of the mid-tarsal joint and hindfoot. This feature is fully reimbursable and adds approximately $100 more income to the prescribing practitioner whenever the Arch Suspender is dispensed. 

  • All Richie Brace models have the most comfortable and attractive limb support uprights in the industry. The unique recessed slots for the Velcro closure straps eliminate the need for unsightly rivots. 
  • The Velcro straps can be easily replaced in the clinic by the practitioner without the need for lab service to replace rivots. The limb support pads are also interchangeable and replaceable for a low cost with all services reimbursed by most 3rd party payors. No other competitor brace can be re-furbished in the clinic with such ease. 
  • The unique strap closure system of the Richie Brace® is the most user friendly, simple and comfortable system in the industry.
  • Pre-fabricated and custom models of most of the Richie Brace® products allows the practitioner the best choice for the patient based upon pathology, length of usage of the product and reimbursement options. 
  • Multiple choices are available for topcover materials, padded extensions and accommodations.


  • Patented Arch Suspender option for powerful correction of deformities in the midfoot and hindfoot. Fully reimbursable as a legitimate Varus/Valgus Control (Code L 2275) 
  • Unique limb uprights with recess for Velcro strap closure, no need for rivots or D-rings for straps 
  • Unique Velcro strap closure system with simple, single posterior strap for adjustment 

  • Quick, simple and reimbursement eligible refurbishment of the Richie Brace® in the clinic setting without need for lab service 

  • Wide array of topcovers and padding

  • Choice of custom and pre-fabricated options for most Richie brace models