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Attention Practitioners: Attention Practitioners: Due to the confusion with Medicare, please bill all Richie Braces using the description for the L Code and do not use the term "Richie Brace" to describe the device.  For example, the Standard Richie Brace should be described as : L 1970  Ankle foot orthosis, plastic with ankle joint, custom fabricated. 




NEW Medicare Same or similar policy remedies ()

How to be Medicare Compliant with the Richie Brace ()

PDAC letter: AeroSpring - Palmetto GBA (

Insurance Compliance Documents

NEW Suggested L Codes for the Richie Family of Braces ()

NEW Suggested L Codes for the AeroSpring Braces () 

All In One Medical Necessity ()

Medical Necessity 1()

Medical Necessity 2 ()

AFO Receipt (Richie Brace) ()

AFO Receipt (California) ()

Complaint Log (Medicare Beneficiary) ()

Complaint Resolution Policy ( )

Medicare 30 Abbreviated Standards () 9/2010

Medicare 30 Standards, full version ( 9/2010

2021 LCode Floor Ceiling for Richie Family of Braces ()

2021 Fee Schedule All Codes, Floors & Ceilings 

Prescription Form Richie Brace ()

Prescription Form Richie Gauntlet ( )

Prescription Form California ( )

Fitting Instructions Richie Brace with Photos ( )

Fitting Instructions California Brace with Photos ( )

 Sample Medical Record Notes for Prescribing Richie Brace® Products ()

Medicare Supplier Standards ()

DME-MAC Jurisdiction Map (4 Regions, A, B, C, D) () 

Replacement and Repair of the Richie Brace ()

ICD10 Quick Code Reference List ()

ICD10 Quick Code Reference for AeroSpring ()


(this explains what conditions each brace can be used for)

ORDERING INFORMATION: For a doctor in your area who can fit you with a Richie Brace®, or, if you are a provider and would like information on casting, submitting casts, order forms etc, Check out our Lab Partners page for contact information.

Disclaimer: This document does not warrant, verify or guarantee the validity or appropriateness of any of the suggested billing codes. The provider is solely responsible for proper billing of durable medical goods and selection of appropriate codes for reimbursement.