Richie Brace® Care Instructions

1. The Richie Brace® is a custom ankle foot orthosis which has several component parts, including:
  • A plastic foot plate and two plastic leg uprights
  • Soft interface padding along the leg uprights
  • Foam top cover on the foot plate
  • Velcro strap closures
2. Several other component parts may be incorporated into your brace including:
  • Arch suspender strap and cork arch flap • Ankle hinge joints made of metal or plastic
  • Additional padding under the toes and ball of the foot
  • Leather boot closure ( California AFO)
3. The following care instructions pertain to these component parts:
  • Never immerse the brace into water
  • Never expose the brace to heat
  • Do not attempt to apply glue or additional padding to any part of the brace • Do not apply any cleaning agents to any portion of the brace
4. Almost all component parts of the Richie Brace® can be replaced or refurbished after extended periods of use. The padding, Velcro straps and hinges can be replaced at the discretion of your brace provider.